The 100-Mile Diet

The 100-Mile Diet by Alisa Smith and J.B. MacKinnon, is an inspiring story about the adventures of a Vancouver couple, while they dedicate themselves to local food for an entire year. All of their food sources must be produced within 100-miles of their home. They begin their 100-mile diet in March and end in February, writing one chapter for each month. Throughout the first 6 chapters of the book, Alisa and James share all their satisfying and trying moments of shopping locally.


I thoroughly enjoyed that Alisa included a lot of personal connections in her writing. She used her senses to captivate her readers with the feeling, smell, and the appearance of her surroundings. It seems like she takes joy in becoming connected with the seasons more and more throughout the year. I also like how she acknowledges her personal growth throughout the seasons. At the beginning of the book, Alisa was not enjoying her “shrinking butt” and constantly eating potatoes in every shape and form. She complained about her cravings for foods we take for granted, like sandwiches and salads. But by late spring, Alisa was embracing the season and producing all the fresh veggies she desired in her own garden. As a horticulturist, this is my favourite and most gratifying way to eat locally and become more connected with the seasons.


So far, the first half of this book has a nice balance of facts, personal connections, and experiences. It’s motivating to begin each chapter with a healthy, simple, and inexpensive recipe. The wealth of information this novel has provided me, has inspired me to gain more knowledge about where my food travels and explore the ways I can support local food productions. This is a captivating and eye-opening novel that I would suggest to anyone.


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